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Donegan Enterprises Playground Warranty


Donegan Enterprises takes all necessary steps to ensure products are manufactured to comply with the Australian standards as established by;


  • AS 4685.0:2017 – Playground equipment and surfacing – Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation.

  • AS 4685.1-6 – 2020– Playground equipment – General safety requirements and test methods + Additional specific requirements for swings; slides; runways; carousels; rocking equipment.

  • AS 4685.11:2012 – Playground equipment – Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for spatial networks.

  • AS 4422:2016 – Playground surfacing – Specifications, requirements and test method.


On top of adhering to these standards Donegan Enterprises also offers a guarantee and warranty on its manufactured items used for recreational play. These guarantees are in addition to and do not reduce, replace or impede the legislative rights of the consumer provided under the Australian Consumer Law.




Donegan Enterprises guarantees its Standard Equipment against structural defects from manufacturing or sub- standard workmanship. In the event of a defect Donegan Enterprises retains the right at their discretion to repair or replace the item. All repaired items will be returned to an adequate and acceptable standard, ensuring the structural integrity of the item.


Guarantees are effective from the date of invoice.


  • STEEL UPRIGHT POSTS – 15 Years against structural integrity.


  • STEEL PLATFORMS – 12 Years against structural integrity.


  • ALUMINIUM PLATFORMS – 12 Years against structural integrity.

  • STATIC STEEL EQUIPMENT – 12 Years against structural integrity.

  • ALUMINIUM STATIC EQUIPMENT – 12 Years against structural integrity.

  • NATURAL TIMBER COMPONENTS – 5 Years against structural integrity.


  • PLASTIC EQUIPMENT – 5 Years against structural integrity.


  • SPRINGS – 5 Years against structural integrity.


  • STRUCTURAL ROPE AND COMPONENTS – 5 Years against structural integrity.

  • MOVING PARTS AND NON-STRUCTURAL ROPES – 2 Years against structural integrity. 


  • POWDERCOATING – 12 Month guarantee against defects.


  • INSTALLATION– 1 Year guarantee against faulty, sub-standard workmanship. (when installed by Donegan Enterprises or a contracted partner)

Maintenance and On-going Care



Equipment produced by Donegan Enterprises requires on-going maintenance and servicing to ensure it is fit for purpose across its lifespan. The Purchaser is responsible for the continuance of this work in accordance with the provided maintenance schedule, supplied in the “Service Pack”.



Guarantee Exclusions



The above guarantee does not cover faults or defects under any circumstances where;



  • The defect is a result of abuse, misuse or incorrect installation. Abuse is deemed as any act of vandalism or intentionally caused damage.

  • Damage is caused by adverse weather conditions, environmental factors or general wear and tear.

  • The claim falls outside of the allotted time-frames.

  • The defect arises from a failure to perform care and maintenance.

  • The requested materials/equipment are unsuitable for the proposed site.


Covered defects must be of significant nature, impede the operation of the item, or reduce its structural integrity. Common defects not covered include;

  • Scratches, dents, fading of paint, discolouring, corrosion, water marks and stains.


Timber Products – natural timber is subject to expansion, moisture and dehydration. Cracking, distortion and discolouring is a natural occurrence and is not covered by this guarantee where the structural integrity of the item is not compromised.


Coastal and Near Water Installations – Standard Equipment in direct contact with chlorinated or salt waters are not covered for defects occurring from corrosion or mineral deposits. Installations within 200m of the shoreline are subject to a reduced warranty period of 50% of the standard warranty time-frames.


Third Party Equipment – there may be times where Donegan Enterprises utilizes a product produced by a third party. In the event of a failure or defect to that product, the warranty time covered will be that of the initial manufacturer. Donegan Enterprises will take all necessary steps to inform the client of such instances and forward on any relevant warranty information.

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